I am excited to be able to offer sewing and fashion design classes for all ages and all levels of expertise! Whether you are a beginner or familiar with sewing but want to gain more skills and knowledge leading towards a formal qualification, or want to have a fun and bonding experience with your child while learning sewing, then this service is for you.

  • I am running small classes of up to 8 students per session. I will run a class if I have a minimum of 3 students enrolled.

My goal is to offer elementary through to advanced training in both dressmaking and fashion design, as well as offering other specialist short classes. My classes at this beginning stage will be part-time only.

As I compile my classes I will advertise the details, starting dates and enrolment/materials costs here.

If you would like to discuss your needs I am happy to contact you. Please e-mail me: jenny@fashionalterations.co.nz or use my contact form

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