Bridal and Eveningwear Alterations & Consultancy Service

For 25+ years I trained and worked as a Designer/Dressmaker of Bridal and Eveningwear under my label ‘Bridal Elegance’. During this time I spent countless hours sharing my knowledge with many people who shared with me their dreams of wearing a perfect gown. Now, I would like to offer my experience again but this time as a Bridal/Eveningwear Consultant specialising in Bridal and Eveningwear alterations. Let me help you as a Consultant before you take that big step and provide you with a perfect service before you buy your special gown.

Women of all ages in New Zealand like wearing casual, comfortable clothes. When a special occasion comes, they feel uncertain which styles will flatter their figure, which gown will express their personality and whether their chosen gown is alterations-friendly. If you find yourself in this situation, my Bridal Fashion Consultation is the perfect service for you, especially before you buy your gown.

My consultancy charge is $35.00 per hour for Bridal and $20 per 30 mins for non-bridal, which will return to you tenfold in saving you time, money and frustrations that you will avoid by having me help you. I would love to talk to you. Please call me on 09 4076220 or 027 947 8630 to book an appointment.


PRICE ESTIMATES: Due to the complexity of Bridal and Eveningwear alterations I have not put a price list online. Please email me an image of your garment and a detailed description of where it doesn’t fit to and I will get back to you with the prices for those procedures.

You may also book an ESTIMATE APPOINTMENT (not a fitting) time. It is a $35 service for Bridal (1 hour) and $20 for Non-bridal (30mins), which must be prepaid, and I will discuss possible alterations and provide you with a price quote. You will not be fitted into your garment during the estimate appointment. An estimate appointment will need to be booked at least 6 – 8 weeks prior to event/pickup to allow for a potential fitting appointment booking and turnaround.

ESTIMATE and FITTING, are not the same thing. ESTIMATE is a discussion about a fit and a price quote of possible alterations. FITTING is a process of pinning and marking of a garment, after which I begin the work on marked alterations and schedule follow up appointments. You can book either one or the other, based on your situation and whether or not you are ready to start alterations (fitting) or still have questions (estimate).

WHEN TO SCHEDULE A FITTING: For best results, you should not fluctuate in the weight/size before the wedding starting the time of your first appointment. If you are planning to gain/loose/shape up, and think you will change in size, please book an appointment as close to your event as typical turnaround times will allow.

WHAT TO BRING: For all your appointments please bring your shoes (or the same size heel – very important for marking the hem properly), and any shape-wear/undergarments you are planning to wear with your gown.

REFUND POLICY: At Fashion Alterations, we provide a full refund on cancelled orders minus $35 Consultation fee for a bridal/1 hour appointment or minus $20 for a non-bridal/30 minute appointment. Refund will be provided in the original form of payment. If the work has already been completed to the prior agreement, refund will not be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: I understand that there are all kinds of circumstances so I would like to offer a 20% discount on re-alterations due to weight loss/gain, change of shoes (heel size), and change of mind on previously agreed procedure. If none of the following happened and the gown needs additional work on the seams for which you were previously charged, Fashion Alterations will be happy to adjust them free of charge.

Bridal/Eveningwear price list to come

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