Welcome to Fashion Alterations

Welcome to the FASHION ALTERATIONS studio. Our business focuses in three areas:

Fashion Alterations – We understand the ‘importance of fit’ and how you will present your individual style throughout the seasons. We focus on adjusting your clothes for comfort, style and wearing ease.

In the garden, during the seasons when the flowers burst forth in great profusion and colour, notice how all their petals are perfectly fitted for comfort, style and wearing ease.

Bridal Consultancy Service – Let me help you plan for your ‘Wedding’ success.

The Dressmaker/Designer Academy – Our Aim is to teach students how to develop and apply their individual fashion styling and creativity so they will be able to construct designer clothing for themselves and their future clients.

Courier Facility – You are welcome to courier your garments for alterations and we will advise you when completed for you to settle payment. When complete we will courier them back to you free of charge.


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